Agile soccer retrospective

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Does your team...

  1. Avoid risk-taking & initiative
  2. Work in functional silo's (no T-shaping)
  3. Seek permission rather than forgiveness
  4. Constantly look to the PO (or each other) for approval
  5. Complain that this Agile/Scrum way is slowing them down

Recognize these patterns? Then look no further!
Cause it might that your team struggles with self-organization.

Struggling with self-organization

Self-organization needs boundaries & rules of play to work.
These are often absent leading to frustration in teams.

What can Agile teams learn from soccer?

Soccer will help us better understand the prerequisites for self-organization. People will experience complexity, emergence and the value of an Agile way of working (or being).

So, let's play it (or use the analogy).

Results of the retrospective

  1. Deep understanding of the need for boundaries & rules of play.
  2. Clarity on the missing prerequisites for self-organization
  3. At least 1 clear improvement for your next sprint
  4. Fun, fun... FUN!!!

What do you get?

  1. 3-step manual that explains what to do
    Clear tasks to organize the retrospective (incl. pro tips)
  2. Facilitators cheatsheet
    Metahphors & interventions that you can use
  3. Facilitation guide for a 2-hour workshop
    Detailed description based on 7P framework

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For who is this

Scrum masters, Agile coaches, release train engineers, team leads & managers. It's for everyone that works with teams that aim to take more initiative & become more self-organizing or self-managing.

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This is a digital purchase and therefore not refundable

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Agile soccer retrospective

0 ratings
I want this!