STAR Model posters

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Faciliators, Scrum masters & Agile coaches... Don't waste time!

Save time with our workshops, facilitation guides & curated knowledge. That time is better spent connecting with your team members! Work smart, not hard.
 Do more with less.

Take yourself to the next level

Build on reputable knowledge both organization theory and design.
And take your Agile coaching, Scrum mastery to the next level...
Deepen your reach, effort and impact.

Save hours of time... Don't draw flip-overs.

Do you also hate PowerPoint? But... preparing for workshops is taking toooooooooooo much TIME? It's those darn flip-overs that look great, but are very time-consuming to create.

Save a enormous amount of time with this poster set

These posters can be easily printed at your local printshop, costs about € 2,- per print. You will save enormous amounts of time when standardizing your workshop materials. The posters can be used for workshops & online meetings (Miro).

What do you get?

  1. STAR Model poster
    High resolution PDF (vector, 3mm bleed)
  2. STAR Model adaptation
    What is on the dotted line that will influence your organization, such as AI. High resolution PDF (vector, 3mm bleed)

After purchasing

After the purchase you will be redirected to a secure Notion space with all the materials. If the redirect does not work, you can view the link in your purchase history on Gumroad


For who is this

Facilitators, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, release train engineers, team leads & managers.
It's for everyone that works people and tries to unleash their creativity.

Is this refundable

This is a digital purchase and therefore not refundable

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2 x Star model poster (EN) in vector PDF. Usable in Miro/Mural

No time drawing flips
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STAR Model posters

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I want this!